1. To Hell and Back Again CH 5

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Author: timewaitsfornone, Source: LushStories

    Logan and Beauty stared at each other. They stood within arm’s reach, but the distance felt much greater. The truth about her lust enhancing venom stood between them; a chasm he was uncertain how to navigate around.
    “Alright, Beauty. I did my part. Now go and do yours.”
    She nodded, but there was something in her body language that did not indicate confidence in the task she was about to attempt. That did not reassure him. Doubt was an emotion Logan had never seen on the demon’s face before now.
    The subject of their conversation lay where they had left her. Venom from the big demon they had killed earlier that day still held her in its sexual grip. The poor woman writhed on the cave moss that was their bed, groping her own body, chasing an orgasm that would never come. Not, according to Beauty, without help.
    Walking over to the squirming woman, he knelt out of her reach. “Miss, can you hear me?”
    “Yes,” she gasped. “So hot… it burns.”
    “I understand. I do.” Logan tried to offer a gentle smile. “My friend is going to help you. What’s your name?”
    “Karen? I can’t… I don’t…”
    “It’s okay, Karen,” Logan murmured. “It’s going to be okay.” Rising to his feet, he stepped away, trying to ignore the shades of uncertainty churning in his belly.
    Beauty moved closer to the woman writhing on their bed, staring in silent contemplation as if deciding how best to proceed. Slowly, the Succubus turned to look at Logan. “Watch,” she said.
    Logan cocked an eyebrow. “Watch hot, lesbian sex? I think I can manage that.”
    “No.” She poked him in the chest with a finger. “Watch. See.”
    Something in her tone of voice made the smirk on his lips wither and die. There was an intensity in her golden eyes that he could not identify. “Yes, I will watch.”
    The succubus gave him a long, unreadable look before turning her attention to the woman who was writhing and moaning on their moss bed. On impulse, Logan reached out to lay a hand on Beauty’s shoulder. She glanced back at him, expression unreadable.
    “Do you know what you are doing?” he asked.
    The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. “Beauty, perhaps this isn’t…”
    She silenced him with a gentle finger against his lips. “I fix. Make better.”
    Logan looked back at her, speechless. What could he say? This task was what he had asked of her. For better or worse, whatever happened next was his responsibility.
    Beauty began to slowly circle the human woman; every step was languid and graceful. Each movement of the demon’s toned body flowed, one into the next in a silent dance. The Succubus stared into Karen’s eyes. Claws, black and sharply curved like a tiger’s, emerged and withdrew from her fingertips, emerged and withdrew, an unconscious action like the beating of a heart.
    Not a dance.Logan corrected himself.A hunt.
    This was not sex, hot lesbian or otherwise. At least not yet. Faced with an uncertain outcome, the demon instinctively reverted to what she knew best, re-creating ...