1. After The Game

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: bysandy_paris, Source: Literotica

    This is the first of two sequels to 'Amy makes a new life', but it really doesn't matter if you skipped that one, I'll cover what you need to know so that it should stand alone. It tells the story of what happened to Sarah's friends after her cricket debut. Sexual activity is secondary to the story.
    Any resemblance to real people is accidental.
    After the celebrations
    Dad was in the front chatting to the driver, he's always voluble after a couple of drinks, so the driver was going to get an ear-bashing and a full report on the day's events. Karen and I were in the back, my head rested on her shoulder and her cheek was against the top of my head. Amy had arranged the car to get us back home because we'd been drinking all day. I'm going to blame the last glasses of champagne for putting me over the edge.
    I closed my eyes. Karen, Sarah and I had lived close to each other and gone to the same high school. We'd been firm friends since we were eleven and seldom apart until it had changed just before we were fifteen. Sarah had taken up playing cricket and it became a passion that she devoted herself to. It was also about that same time that she and her Mum met Amy King, coincidentally at a cricket match. It was the first time Sarah had ever watched a professional game.
    Sarah's father had disappeared from her life when she was about seven and Meredith had done a great job as a single parent. Sarah and her mum had sat down next to Amy at that game. Amy was a widow whose wife had died three years earlier, they struck up a conversation and a friendship developed. Meredith had once confided in me how she realised that she had feelings for Amy and after some soul searching confessed her feelings. Karen, Sarah and I had enjoyed sleepovers for years but they had never been at Sarah's house because it was small and too impractical. That changed when Meredith and Sarah eventually moved into Amy's home. We were there a lot and I loved those occasions. Amy was generous, not just with money, but her time, her advice and the latitude she gave us. She was also very funny and we could see how happy they all were.
    Sarah had a real talent for cricket and today she'd played her first one day game for the England Women's team and, luckily, in our own city. It was a big deal, a wonderful achievement for our friend and we were very proud of her. Amy invited Karen and me to join Sarah's family in a box she'd organised, complete with food and drink all day. Sarah's cricket hero, Hayley, was also playing and because Amy was friends with Hayley's Grandma, she'd invited her family as well.
    I'd been excited when I saw where we were watching from and had phoned my dad to brag. Amy had heard me and, unknown to me, had called him inviting him to join us. I nearly fainted when he turned up a few minutes after the game had started. Dad had spent much of the day with Hayley's father and Sarah's Grandad, he'd drank a lot of beer and there had been lots of high fives ...