1. Nurse's Favorite Pt. 03

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: byOneWifetoLive, Source: Literotica

    I laid in my bed on fire. The evening's events still rushing through my head. Showing Colin my naughty pictures while he methodically stroked his cock.
    I retrieved my phone and started flipping through the photos.
    My top pulled up over my white bra...and his hand slowly rising and falling under his bed sheet.
    My scrub pants pulled to the side to show off the side of my white thong...and his sheet slipping lower and lower to reveal his beautiful cock.
    My pants dropped to the floor, I'm bent over showing off my bare ass...and him tensing up as he reached climax.
    His hips bucking as he shot his hot load into the sample cup.
    How much I wish he had shot it into the back of my mouth...or all over my tits... or deep into my pussy.
    I was so turned on that my body was literally shaking.
    I started to explore my curves with my free hand; squeezing my nipples, stroking my sides, teasing my clit.
    Without thinking, I opened the camera app on my phone. My finger hovered over the record button for a second...then the powers of horniness compelled me to press it.
    The icon turned red as I took a good look at myself, lying in bed under a sheet. Underneath I was wearing one of the usual tank top and panty sets I sleep in.
    I slowly raised my hand under the sheet and started rubbing my tits. Making big exaggerated porn faces while I did it. Imagining Colin pumping his beautiful cock while he watched.
    I pulled my top up over my tits, but I was still covered by the sheet. You could see a sliver of the tops of my chest. I had a devilish smirk as you could easily see how hard my nipples were.
    I followed my hand as it moved south, down my stomach and into my panties. Now my bedsheet was the one that was slowly rising and falling.
    More porn sounds started to escape my lips, but this time they were unintentional. I panned down to get a good shot.
    "Oh fuck...Colin." I shocked myself by saying. I kinda liked it.
    I panned back up so I could see myself say such naughty things.
    "Mmm...I'm teasing my pussy for you, baby," I moaned.
    I hit the perfect spot and my back instinctively arched...thus revealing a little more of my bare tits.
    I giggled.
    "Oh no, Colin...the sheet seems to be slipping. But both of my hands are occupied..."
    With a impish grin, I started to arch my wrist just slightly so with every movement, the sheet inched lower and lower. It was building to such a crescendo that I just knew I was going to burst when my nipples were revealed.
    Lower and lower it went until it was just above my rock-hard nipples. Finally, a lightning bolt shot down my spine as I exploded in an intense orgasm. My back arched, exposing my nude tits.
    I fingered myself so fucking vigorously, moaning and shaking.
    When I finally regained my composure, I exhaled deeply and hit the off button on my phone.
    Holy shit, that was amazing.
    Holy shit, there's a video of my bare tits on my phone.
    An actual video ...