1. Dahamrai & Henderson Ch. 11

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: BDSM Author: byDuchessDesire, Source: Literotica

    Synopsis: Layla Dahamrai has just begun her second year at university. She's acing every class and is one of the department's best students in her cohort. However, she's not getting along with her professor in her East Asian Regimes & Empires class, not that it's really her fault. It doesn't help that she's hot for her teacher either. Sebastian Henderson expects the best out of his students, given he's teaching at one of the most prestigious universities in London. He's had enough of Layla stumbling into his class late at the beginning of the semester. In the six years he's been teaching in academia, he has never desired a student until now. Layla and Sebastian will soon come to realise they have more in common during, and definitely out of, office hours.
    Chapter 11: Student Night
    "Come on! Let's get more shots!" Delilah drags me to the bar. It's the final Sports Night before exams start in two weeks. It's coming to the end of April and it's almost been a month of Sebastian and I sending these little messages checking in on each other. I haven't seen him in person. I've just been focused on finishing my final assessments of the semester and revising for my exams. We've spoken more about the weather than we have about anything else.
    I huff a sigh and look down at my clothes to check they're still okay. I'm wearing a flimsy, blue, backless satin mini dress with long slits on the sides. It looks like a napkin on me with the way my breasts are bursting over the edge and being unable to bend over if I don't want to flash my arse to everyone. My black boots have been trashed from all the liquor and the sticky floors. Delilah tugs on my arm and brings my attention to the student bartender.
    "What can I get you?" he yells over the music and the other students yelling at him across the bar.
    "We need four shots of vodka and four shots of tequila," he looks at me dubiously, but doesn't question the order and pours the drinks for us.
    "Layla, I said one of each!" Delilah looks alarmed when she sees the shots being poured out.
    "Perfect! That means there are two for you and six for me," I quickly pay for them and start throwing back the tequila and vodka in front of me. I was already tipsy by the time I made it to the event but now I was ready to get blackout drunk.
    The balance between Sebastian and I was extremely off. We are both at fault. I walked in unwilling to talk to him, instead, I pushed him away, and effectively shut him up by fucking him. Sebastian panicked, said things he would never say, but kept his space knowing I wasn't ready to listen to him again. I sigh and walk away from the bar to find Florence, Alice, Aurelia, and Lola.
    I wrap my arms around Florence's waist and snatch her drink out of her hand. "Hey!" I ignore her as I down the whiskey and coke. I wink and insert myself between Lucas and Digby. Before I can start grinding against them, Aurelia tugs my hand, moving me between her and Alice. I frown ...