1. Nikita Pt. 01

    Date: 3/19/2023, Categories: Gay Author: bypunainen, Source: Literotica

    AUTHOR's NOTE: The dialogue in this chapter of the story takes place via text, either through tinder or snapchat. A double backslash ("\\") indicates where one character 'double-texts'; that is, sends multiple messages in a row without waiting for the other person to respond.
    The notification slid down from the top of the screen while I was scrolling through tumblr in bed, lying on my stomach wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sapphire-blue briefs.
    *You have a new match*
    Nothing important. Not that I'm bragging but I do get quite a few matches when I'm using tinder. That's not to say that I'm necessarilyhot or anything, it's just that when you're bisexual you're not limited to only one half of the tinder-using population. In fact, I would wager that queer men get the most matches, or at least, the most useful matches. Straight women probably get the most attention on tinder, but considering who's giving them that attention, they need to filter through a lot of it to get to the 5% of people who're actually a winning combination of kind, interesting and non-crusty. Most of my matches are men because the same hormones which drive straight men to dog women find themselves equally matched, and... well, it's very easy for queer men to find ourselves online, especially in a context which practically demands horniness.
    Since I get matches all the time, any old random new match didn't mean all that much to me. But it was the evening, I'd done all my class reading, eaten dinner, and was just planning to dick around online before sleeping eventually. In fact, I was feeling a little bit horny so this could work actually.
    Flirting with guys on tinder, getting them to give me attention, to tell me they wanted to fuck me or have me fuck them-- all this was a recently-discovered pleasure. Whom amongst us does not love attention? Sure, it is attention from men, which is stimulating but emotionally dry, in my experience. But I mean hell, it's a lot more interactive than watching porn. It's not even voyeuristic, so maybe there's a moral argument to be made there. With nothing better to do and feeling the need to release some steam, I went over to tinder.
    Nikita was his name. I had swiped right on him a few days ago when I was, unfortunately, swiping right on every non-crusty guy I found given I was horny at the time. The few people I'd been chatting with that night all eventually stopped responded, leaving me high and dry, (metaphorically and not). Hopefully tonight would be different. I swiped through his pictures; mostly cute. He was wearing this black hat in them that all the Slavic exchange students wore. With a name like Nikita he must be Russian or something. Nikita Krushchev, right? Somewhere around there. Slavs are known, I thought, for their masculinity and sometimes overwhelmingly intense sexuality. Could be hot. His bio was typically bare.
    He messaged me while I was looking through his profile.
    I swiped over to ...