1. family camping trip_(1)

    Date: 3/19/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Incest / Taboo Teen Author: Mystic47, Source: sexstories.com

    We settled into the sleeping bags, both of us on our stomachs, I had a book I was going to read but she just laid her head on the pillow watching me. I rolled to my back and held the book so the pages would catch the weak light from the battery lamp. My sister Helen flipped to her side away from me as if to sleep. We were on a family camping trip; mom, dad, me and my sister and our golden lab Screwball, AKA ‘Screw’. At that moment Screw was lying on my feet at the bottom of my bag. I tried to kick him off to move to Helen’s bed but he wouldn’t budge, my feet were pinned to the ground by the 70-pound dog. I was 18 at the time and my sister was quickly approaching 16 but since we only had two tents, I was forced to take Helen into one with me, our parents required their privacy. This had been the sleeping arrangements for years and they gave no thought to the fact I was pretty much an adult. I was going to have to spend four nights with my baby sister in the same space, I would have to be damn careful if I jacked off.
    We were in the mountains of Western Oregon. We planned on hiking some of the many mountain trails, kayaking and fishing on the Umpqua River. Our stay would be four days and nights. Dad had his camera with three various sized lenses hanging from lanyards around his neck, he looked like a Japanese tourist. I wore a heavy fucking backpack with power snacks and drinks while mom and Helen got to enjoy the day unencumbered by anything but Screw’s tennis balls which they threw as we hiked. After setting up camp and settling in the first night, we could concentrate on the days coming. That was the night Screw told me ‘screw you, this is my bed’.
    The next day, the first full day, was spent hiking, we might have covered 15 miles of hills and valleys following a couple of the popular trails and met several other hiking groups along the way. By the time we returned to the camp my legs were straining, I was tired from lack of sleep, I was ready for some down time. It wasn’t full dark when we got back to the campsite where mom and Helen cooked a campfire dinner then dad retrieved some beer from a cooler in the back of the truck. Neither my sister nor I refused when he offered us a bottle, Mom tried to object “Goddamn it Roy, they aren’t old enough.”
    “Ah piss Margie, it’s been a long hot day, we could all use one.” I wasn’t a stranger to beer but I wasn’t sure if my sister had tasted any before. When she tipped the bottle and sucked down two quick swallows, I knew, she wasn’t virgin to beer either. The Milky Way was brilliant in the night sky when we went to the tents. I had to stay out until my sister changed into her sleep wear then she invited me in. I wasn’t so damn modest so I stripped to T and shorts then slipped my PJ pants on while my sister tried not to watch. She didn’t try very hard, she kept glancing at me as I changed. Screw immediately took his place in the middle of my bag and refused to move. As Helen laughed at my efforts ...