1. Rose's video: Chapter 8: Kate And Rose talk

    Date: 3/19/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Incest / Taboo Lesbian Author: kornslayer, Source: sexstories.com

    POV: Kate
    I lied down on the bed. "Wow, Lil and Maria are like sexual angels. I just great sex with them yesterday and I feel like I'm having the biggest hangover of my life. I can still walk, but they warped my mind. I feel completely depleted, and I can barely think straight too. I feel just how I did the day after I had sex with Rose. My whole world seemed to turn upside down, and now I just don't know what to think. Although, I do know this: it was too good to just cut myself off from her. I don't even know where Chase is right now, but yesterday I screwed Lil and Maria. I let them both see this naked body of mine, and they both had their way with me too."
    I loved the idea; maybe it was due to the incest or just the whole new lesbian world that had opened up in my world. Either way, I had a giant smile on face, despite what it meant.
    My right hand came onto my pussy and closed my eyes. "Although, Rose, you have no idea how much I wanted you in that bedroom with me. I had an amazing time with them, but we both know that we could make our own magic with just us two. If all four of us were together, wow, there would be no limits for how much magic we all could have. Fuck, two mother/daughter combos in the same room, all pleasuring each other? How shit, I mean fuck me, I'd probably give up sex after that to make that happen," I let out, brushing it nonstop.
    I gave the bedsheets another portion of what juice I could spare.
    "Yes, dear daughter, eat me out as I lie right next to Lil and Maria eats her out too."
    I masturbated nonstop and shed several tears over a few minutes as I heard nothing else. In no time, I had my heart pumping hard and a giant wet spot under my entire body. All the while, I just I kept hand going in the same movements: from side to side at the exact same speed.
    "Yes, admit it, Rose: incest is best. Hot as hell sex is how the magic we make together, in fact, make it'll us love each other as much as Lil and Maria. Lil practically proposed to her daughter, and now they are completely exclusive it seems. Well, except they mentioned both of us, so please, take them up on that offer so we can have all four pairs of tits and pussies all in the same room. Don't you want that, so both of us MILFs can shoot our cum all over our sexy daughter's bodies? I'd certainly love it, and I know you would too. You'd love it because I certainly saw you grinning at least a little bit when you told me about them knowing while we were in the shower. Just let yourself have it, babe. Our relationship can fly up high, don't you want that, Rose?" I whined, striking my twat even more. "To have your mommy love you so much, that you are the most important person, place or thing to her? So I can make you feel as wonderful as you made me feel on our date? Doesn't that bring music to your ears? How your flesh and blood mom is just dying to have you in her bed from now to the end of time? Fuck, I'll even have a baby with you if you'd fancy, ...