1. College Days Ch. 05

    Date: 3/19/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Consensual Sex Group Sex Non-Erotic, Author: Death666, Source: sexstories.com

    Saturday. The day started out pretty normal, woke up in bed with Collette, her arms and legs tangled up in my own. I'd been having trouble getting to sleep the last couple of nights because all I could think about was how horny I was laying in bed next to my beautiful sister. Who, by the way, was wearing nothing but panties and one of my dress shirts. One of my legs was wedged between her calves, our bare skin touching. I woke up with a solid hard-on again, driving me crazy. I wanted Collette so bad I could taste it, smell it. I rolled onto my back, Collette close up to me with one hand on my stomach and her breath warming my neck. The clock read 7AM. Saturday morning, no alarm today. The sun was already fighting past the curtains, but it was still a nice twilight within the room.
    I wasn't sure whether Jen had noticed Collette and I were sleeping together. Jen spent three evenings in the last week at Tammy's apartment, then arrived home last night well after midnight (I heard the doors opening and closing). She had told me earlier she didn't have any Friday classes until the afternoon, so she was likely planning to sleep in. Unless she peeked her head into my room when she came into the house, or unless Collette had talked to her about it, Jen probably had no clue we had spent the last four nights in the same bed together.
    I rolled back to my side, facing Collette. She adjusted with me, but was still breathing heavily, asleep. She moaned softly, but her eyes didn't open. The hand, formerly on my stomach, now lay between us, and I nervously realized it was a mere inch or so from my raging erection. So what? It's not like it hadn't been pressed up hard against her while making out the last few nights, or bumped up against her while sleeping, right? Why would this be any different?
    I put my free hand on her leg, which was still draped over my own. The dress-shirt had scrunched up on her during the night and my hand found her bare thigh. The skin was so warm and soft, inviting. I wasn't really trying to make a move on her or anything, I was just... well, I was just fooling myself is what I guess I was doing. I let my hand drift slowly up her thigh and back down again. Smooth, perfectly toned. Here she was fast asleep and I was madly trying to hold back from ripping off her clothes and taking her right there. I wanted her so badly, to feel our naked skin pressed together, our lips locked in a slow, sensual kiss, my hands around her back, her soft, warm, wet flesh covering my...
    Gotta snap out of it. We'd talked about this and decided to take things slowly, see what developed. There was still a lingering thought in the back of my mind that this was all crazy, she was my sister after all, and you just don't have sex with your sister. I'd been working really hard lately at shutting that thought out of my head. I wasn't very successful.
    As I pondered all of this, or rather wantonly lusted after Collette as she lay there unaware - I realized ...