1. Denise The Submissive Mom Chapter 15 Mother's Day

    Date: 3/19/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Oral Sex / Blowjob Incest / Taboo Lesbian Mature / Older Mind Control, Water Sports / Pissing, Author: nutzbubby, Source: sexstories.com

    Open your mouth slut Rocky said as Sheila gagged on her master/son's monster penis , behind him his motherinlaw Nina Rogers was giving him a rimjob , as he facefucked mom Sheila . He had invited them over for Mother's day . His wife was hogtied & ballgagged , watching from the corner . This was their MOTHER'S DAY gift . Denise his longest serving slave was filming the event . Rocky was wearing a clown mask . As the submissive mind-controlled cumsluts obeyed his every order. His mom & mother-in-law wore thigh high hooker boots & collar with a leash . Denise was topless wearing tight jeans & short heels . His wife Cindy was in a thong bikini & spiked heels .
    Sheila was deepthroating her son's magic wand , & after nearly 2 years of obedience had no gag reflex. Nina , Cindy's mom licked away , was his best asslicker & she would never stop until she was told to.
    Rocky decided it was time for the next step so he withdrew his prick from Sheila's mouth & untied his wife. She took over filming from , Denise . He told Denise to lick Sheila's butt , which she did , Once Sheila was lubed , Rocky shoved his wang up his mom's ass , she screamed in pain & ecstasy as his mother-inlaw continued licking his shithole. Meanwhile Denise played with her pussy as she watched the taboo spectacle rubbing her clit , she orgasmed just as Master Rocky spilled a load of jism all over the faces of his mother & mother-in-law. Denise went over & french kissed Nina & Sheila & shared the man-dessert that covered their faces .
    Cindy had now stopped filming & was now ready for action . Rocky ordered her to sit on her mom's face. Nina ate pussy like it was going out of style. She didnt care it was her daughter's honeypie cuz she had been hypnotized long ago . It didnt take long for Cindy to reach orgasmic bliss , because Nina was a pro now at cunt licking , thanks to her years of experience.
    In the meantime Rocky led Sheila like a dog on a leash to the nearest bathroom & sprayed her face with golden champagne . Happy Mother's Day he said delightfully go wash up piss-slut & meet in the den in 1/2 hour mom . Yes dear responded Sheila smiling .
    1/2 hour later
    Rocky had his fist up Sheila's cunt she was ballagged , he didnt want to hear from her he wanted to make sure that her pussy was superwet for what he planned next . Nina was tied to a chair in the other room . Rocky took out his fist from Sheila's cunt & went to get Nina. He had Nina put on an 8inch strapon dildo & he told Sheila to get in the doggystyle position.
    First he had Nina put in the fake phallus & then he followed her . Sheila was now dpd in her pussy . she couldnt scream cuz of the ballgag , but her cunt was now stretched to the limit she had nearly 19inches combined in there. Sheila orgasmed 3 times before Rocky withdrew & spilled his load all over Sheila's face. He took the ballgag out & had Sheila clean his cock , & then Nina facefucked his mom and she had Sheila clean the fake phallas.
    In the ...