1. I Had A Jack-Hammer - Part 2 (Conclusion)

    7/31/2018: With another quick peck on the lips and a squeeze of my hand he went out the door. -- The next afternoon I baked him a cake. I knew that boy loved chocolate so I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Then I took some banana icing and on top of t read Sex Story
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  2. Working Girl

    7/31/2018: Amber placed her hands on his chest as she moved her shapely hips up and down. He felt good, damn good. His thick shaft stretched her tightness like it had never been stretched before. She could feel her orgasm nearing. She leaned back and moved her hands read Sex Story
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  3. harry_12

    7/31/2018: Chapter 54: Who to Believe? A/N: Sorry for the delay in getting this out, I had an accident with my flash drive and everything on it was deleted including the first draft of this chapter. But things are on track now, so getting back in the swing of things, a rewrite of the chapter from the beginning… Read, review and enjoy! After taking Simon’s wand and returning Luna’s to her, Harry left read Sex Story
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  4. College Retreat: Erica

    7/31/2018: [Independent story but continues from College Discipline] “Bernard eased in, gently; then Erica relaxed, but remained so goddamn tight, it nearly wasn’t possible. Her arse held his cock tighter than a femdom’s restraining leash.” After Chastity, Erica and Bethany were assigned their separate rooms; Monsignor Bernard stepped outside for his ritual pre-dinner smoke. It was chilly. The wind cutting to the bone. They would need a fire even with close body warmth he had planned along with the explosive heat generated by nubile passion unleashed. He stubbed his butt carefully with his boot read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Anal Author: janus2017, Source: xHamster
  5. Futanari Model for Art Class - Part 1

    7/31/2018: "Wanted: Futanari Model for Art Class" - These words on a small sheet of paper, pinned to the blackboard in the entry hall of my dorm near Tokio university caught my antention. "Female or transgender with female appearance prefered. Please apply with photo." Below that, only an email address was printed in small, nearly unreadable letters. 2 Months ago, I had arrived in Tokio after a sudden decision to continue my studies in mathematics somewhere else in the world. The main reason was that I would try to live for a year as a woman, leaving my old identity behind me. Nobody at the university k read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Juliana777, Source: xHamster
  6. The Great Adventure with Regina

    7/31/2018: Regina and Sam were great next-door neighbors and over the years we developed a great neighborly relationship. It was platonic in nature and none of us ever crossed over the line of mutual respect. One day, when Brenda, my lovely wife of four years, was g read Sex Story
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  7. Jaq the milf

    7/31/2018: It was a Sunday afternoon back in 2009. Jaq realised that she had the attention of our son's friend. The afternoon was very warm, friends and family had arrived for an afternoon barbeque and drinks. The last guest to arrive was Mark. Mark was the friend o read Sex Story
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  8. I'm There for Mom and Dad Ch. 02

    7/31/2018: The next morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon. I was mildly shocked to find Mom serving breakfast to my father. I sat down and heard her humming as she fixed my meal. The chatter had returned, and it felt good to know things were working out. But, I wondered, how do I get Mom to tell me out loud, what I heard from them myself. When Dad got up and left for work, I began putting my dishes in read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byCuckvoyeurfan, Source: Literotica
  9. Face Time

    7/31/2018: We had a good sex life, or so I thought. I always started with a kiss and threw in some titty sucks before poking her. Within the height of our glorious passion, my ears heard good feedback - one of two well-placed Ohs and Ahhs. So why did I tinker with read Sex Story
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  10. After School Delight Pt. 09

    7/30/2018: Preamble: Hi, and thank you for choosing my story. If you enjoy this story, please be kind enough to give a score at the end. This helps me to gauge the popularity of my work. If I may, I usually like to suggest, one star each for: Composition & Use of Vocabulary, Readability, Plot, Drama or Humour, and of course Sexual Content (or why are we all here?), but please feel free to use any read Sex Story
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