1. Tara: Trophy Wife Life: Part 1_(1)

    10/3/2018: Tara and Steve had been married a year now. They met at the hospital where he worked as a doctor and she as a temp in the secretary pool. She was terrible at her job. It was embarrassing. Her Neo-Nazi of an administration boss Oksana made her life a nightmare. She had yelled at Tara on no less than seven separate occasions about mislabeling and misplacing files. It was in front of other coworkers read Sex Story
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  2. Coworker and her Daughter

    10/2/2018: This all took place way back in the mid 80's back when I was young early 20's in my first full time real job since leaving college. I had not had the job very long trainee account at large double glazing firm. Pay was Good back then as double glazing was the in thing at the time. I also was given a company car ok not a new one. But with free fuel, servicing and insurance it made a huge read Sex Story
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  3. Dr C

    10/2/2018: So, as I’ve said in my past journal entries, I work in medical billing for a large dental firm. Yeah, I know, thrilling! The only sex in the work place I’ve had was with that beautiful Cape Vervain woman two years ago and, by the way, we’ve had no contac read Sex Story
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  4. Prohibited Ch. 01

    10/1/2018: ‘I need to see you, can we meet?’ A text I was not expecting pinged on my phone Friday morning. Last time I spoke to Liam, almost a week ago, we decided enough was enough. We had taken too many risks already, we had to cool it before it got too out of han read Sex Story
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  5. Candy’s Dandy

    10/1/2018: Candy’s Dandy by Millie Dynamite Jaden and I meet a few weeks after he transferred to the Naval base just outside of town. I sat on a bar stool sipping my Pappy Van Winkle when this tall African-American man in full dress uniform sat next to me. He whore captain’s bars. He possessed an air of authority. I nodded to him when perched on the next stool. He returned my nod with his own read Sex Story
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  6. Chapter 12, Serving Two Men, Betraying Both, Panty Assault, Branded And Penis Cake

    9/30/2018: Darting between two men’s fluttering guppy tails assured my desirability. While empowering, shifting back and forth to reciprocate their attention was stressful. The anomaly of segregating my faithful wife persona from cheating adulteress caused exposure read Sex Story
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  7. First Affair, Chapter 2

    9/28/2018: "Actually, there is something I really miss. I haven't done it in a long time ... since my college days," she said. "What? What is it?" "Umm ... anal sex. I really like it and Tom ... well he doesn't. I miss the feeling. I have a special toy I use, but it read Sex Story
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  8. Kurt's Invitation

    9/27/2018: This is the fourth of a series that begn with "New Friends at the Beach." The reader may enjoy this story more by reading the earlier chapters.Brad’s unexpected departure earlier this morning to close a business deal left me alone at our beach house until read Sex Story
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  9. Chat room slut gets real Chapter2

    9/25/2018: Jerry and Sam came down some hours later, I had fallen asleep having now cum, a few times. It was only 6pm but Jerry apologised for them both that they had plans for the evening but that they would like to continue the next day. Jerry also had an idea, coming from a boast that I could still fit into my wedding dress, I had made during our conversations. Jerry always wanted to fuck a white bride read Sex Story
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  10. Meeting Will and Liz again

    9/23/2018: I was working on the far side of town, it was late, and Pat was away visiting her sister. So I thought I would stop at a bar and have a drink before going to a lonely house. I had just sat down, and I heard a voice, "Gary is that you?" I turned to look an read Sex Story
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