1. A Star Returns: Part Two

    3/2/2023: I got settled in my hotel room. It was a room that was bigger than the roach motel’s bedroom. I took a long hot shower. My dick throbbed as I remembered getting my dick sucked by Natalie while her Dad, Brother, Mother, and her recently wedded husband all read Sex Story
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  2. is he sleeping?

    2/26/2023: This was a moment of weakness, i think? I shouldnt have done this to my husband, but I did. I shouldnt have gone through with it, but I couldnt stop. Theses were his friends. This was a party for me, and I took advantage. I loved it. "Happy Birthday hun." my husband Jay said as he looked me over. "youd better hurry up the guys will be here soon and you dont want to be answering the door naked read Sex Story
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  3. In front of my sleeping boyfriend

    2/22/2023: I was awakened by the strong vibration of my phone. I looked up at the alarm clock and wondered who could be texting me at 2:43 am. The text immediately caused my panties to moisten. - " im in your neighborhood, ill be parked outside your house in 15 mins.. Dont leave me waiting, and dont wear any panties. You know what i want" I hadn't spoken to shane in nearly 4 months. We were never a read Sex Story
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  4. The Dream_(2)

    2/22/2023: ** I had a dream that seemed so real, it was more like actual memories than a dream. After 10 days of constantly thinking of this “dream” it was starting to drive me crazy, I finally wrote it down, hoping that would make it go away and stop distracting me every day. Once I wrote it down, I sent it to the co-worker who inspired it. Her reaction, which I had never before heard, was “it made my pussy read Sex Story
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  5. Lockdown Fever

    2/21/2023: Last March the western world as we know it changed. We were ordered to stay in our homes and isolate from everyone we knew. No touching allowed. People were scared, angry, depressed, and very bored. My husband and I have always had a fantastic and interesting sex life. Nothing too rough or scarey (his choice- not mine). However, when the lockdown hit, hubby was working out of the country and so read Sex Story
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  6. A Family Man: Part 1 Awakenings

    2/21/2023: Hello, my name is David. I am 87 years old and I am dying. As I lie here on my deathbed, awaiting the inevitable, I'd like to share with you my life story. To me, it is an extraordinary tale, but alas, that is my personal opinion. I will leave it up to you to decide for yourself if my story merits such distinction. As with all stories, deciding on where to begin is most important. While my life, read Sex Story
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  7. Mother and Son

    2/20/2023: Kirsten was a forty-four-year-old housewife who spent all of her time at her home, tending to the various chores. She was a part of a small happy family of three. There was she, her husband and her teenage son. Outwards, the family might seem happy and Kirsten a dutiful wife, but the truth was that the marriage had lost all flavor for her. When she had married her high school sweetheart, they had read Sex Story
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  8. Sister-in-Law Finds New Love For Doing Laundry

    2/19/2023: I am an oversexed, under-serviced middle-aged man who is still in decent shape and has a full head of silver hair, and a cock full of seed to offer. It seems that nearly every day, I get raging hardons at the slightest bit of provocation. Practically e read Sex Story
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  9. Cuckolding Princess: Eating The Slops

    2/19/2023: The list: 10. Drank a girl-racer's piss-puddle from the floor of the car park. 9. Wanked off in a used-condom after watching couple fuck in same car park. 8. Me and some mates took turns spunking into our friend's sister's dirty panties. 7. Snogged a woman at a party after two guy's had spunked in her mouth. 6. Had sloppy seconds with a woman at a party. > 5. Licked another guy's read Sex Story
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  10. Room 268

    2/18/2023: “Are you ready for college sweetie? It’s move in day!” said my mom. “I was born ready!” I exclaimed. “That’s the spirit!” said my dad. I moved everything into my room, but my roommate wasn’t there yet. Who was it going to be? Was she going to be nice or mean? Kind or rude? Pretty or ugly? All these thoughts raced around my head as I moved in. After I moved all my stuff in and my read Sex Story
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