1. Teenage Pornstar_(2)

    3/15/2023: Her name's Jennifer Rose, she moved in three doors down from my house. She's the new girl at high-school, and in almost all my classes. We have talked over the past few days, about things she likes and loves. Jennifer's the very friendly and enthusiastic type, she's interested and opened minded to basically anything. The interesting part began on a social media site, one that was designed to read Sex Story
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  2. From Out of the Rain

    3/15/2023: Rob Holden, 15, 6ft 2, 200lbs, blond hair, brown eyes, it all sounds so routine. In fact it was, Rob’s live was always the same boring circle over and over again. He wanted to break free, live a little more, but he never knew how. Exploring didn’t work; it just didn’t help him fulfil his wants. But what you’re about to hear sounds like a massive story of chance, when it’s actually the 24 hours read Sex Story
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  3. Afternoon Meeting

    3/15/2023: Nello is a beautiful 30 year old never married Arab woman from Beirut, Lebanon. She contacted my business associate about coming to the United States. She is 5' 6" tall, weighs 110, she has long black hair, a beautiful face with a mischievous smile, she has a hour glass figure, small breasts the size of a naval orange and small firm ass. She was asked one question; ' Would she be sexually read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Consensual Sex Author: horny fox, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Mama’s Little Family

    3/14/2023: Mama’s Little Family I struggled under the weight of the grocery bags as I made my way to the front door. Dammit girl, I thought to myself, take two trips next time! Shaking my head at my own stubbornness I shoved the key in the back door to the house and let myself in. The lights were on in the kitchen thankfully so it was easy for me to navigate to the kitchen table, someone was home it read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Authoritarian, Consensual Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Non-consensual Sex Teen Author: MissAdventurous, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Fulfilling Indian Mom's & Son's Sexual Fantasies

    3/13/2023: Well my name is Parth and I came accross many Mom fantasy stories and I always wanted to share mine real story but was hasitant. Some how I got courage to write. Let me first tell you something about my mom. Her name is Varsha and is a very homely lady. She is 48 years old now but looks like 30 only because of day to day household work and morning routine exercise. My Dad was an aircraft engineer read Sex Story
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  6. The Watcher_(0)

    3/13/2023: This story was inspired by a friend and a discussion we had one day. If you like then please leave positive comments and of course vote for it. If there is enough of a positive response I will continue the story. The Watcher By Dunchan As she walked through the Mall she looked at all the clothing and jewelry stores. She looked in the reflections to see if anyone was following her, she had read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Fetish Job / Office Sex Straight Sex Non-consensual Sex Author: Brother Prophet, Source: sexstories.com
  7. My Love Life Chapter 2 Carrie

    3/13/2023: My Love Life 2 Carrie and Gal Pals Chapter 2 Carrie Carrie and I met when she hung around with our group. She was in Junior High, and I was in High school. Her in 9th grade, and I was in the 10th grade. Her reputation was she would “put out”. Let me describe Carrie. She was about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She was a top-heavy gal. She had curves in all the right places. In Bob Segar’s song read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex First Time Group Sex Teen Author: Rex Allen, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Finally Mine

    3/12/2023: (FICTIONAL)I had my girlfriend for a while at the time. She was 20, and I was 18. We had been going out for 7 months but never done anything more than a kiss. A few times I could tell that she was trying to go further but my nervousness held me back. I was a virgin, and I assumed she wasn't. I don't know why, but something gave me the feeling that she wasn't. Her name was Katia (a Russian name read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal BDSM Non-consensual Sex Author: SteelFire, Source: sexstories.com
  9. NAKED LEGAL 3: Jake's Team

    3/12/2023: For covers of my stories, see -- https://forum.xnxx.com/gallery/albums/my-story-covers.68855/ CHAPTER THREE: JAKE’S TEAM The times that followed proved to be both surprising and not surprising. I found it surprising how I could become engrossed in the details of a case or client information at my desk or even sometimes while in consultation with one of the other members of the team. But, it read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Straight Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Group Sex Interracial Author: Ike Man, Source: sexstories.com
  10. My not so bright stepsister Part 01

    3/12/2023: My not so bright stepsister by Vanessa Evans Almost your original Dumb Blonde Part 01 My father left my mother years ago and since then she brought me up on her own. When I went to university my mother met a man and he and his daughter moved in with mum. I met the man and his daughter when I went home one weekend and over that university holidays. The man seemed a nice sort of guy and read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Consensual Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Written by Women Author: vanessa.evans, Source: sexstories.com