1. Transforming Genevieve Ch. 11

    3/22/2023: It was still early afternoon but I wasn’t about to waste the whole day talking about things we could talk about on those nights when Bill and I would have to be satisfied with chatting on a web-based messenger service. I wanted this incredible man to give me another good fucking before I sent him home to deal with his boring wife. I started directing our conversation toward that ultimate goal. “Earlier you mentioned that you watched countless porn movies to help learn how to give such incredible oral sex,” I said “Yes, late at night after she’s gone to bed, I sometimes pull one out of my s read Sex Story
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  2. Wife's Friend Turned Me into a Cuck Ch. 03

    3/21/2023: As Beth turned on the shower, I continued to lay in bed, feeling confused, terrified, aroused, and curious--all simultaneously. I was not expecting her to suggest I abstain from having sex with her. This was undoubtedly an even stranger twist, yet I couldn't shake the raging and throbbing hard-on that I was experiencing. I look to my right and see her panties still on the bed, bunched up after read Sex Story
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  3. Jock Tales--Jr Year Happy Fucking Thanksgiving

    3/20/2023: Jock Tales--Happy Fucking Thanksgiving Well, as the title indicates—it's Thanksgiving day. I loved this day—it was one of the few times I 'let myself go', and just ate what I wanted. The Diamond Dawgs had all assembled at the house to help out with the move. After meeting over at dad's new apartment last week, Kelso and Petroni, and Jackson, had a long talk with dad, and filled him in on pretty much everything that had been going on. The fighting, drinking, the dope, jail, hustling, the trips to Austin fucking Parker, the bad attitude, and the ever increasing occurrence of me checkin out my l read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Incest / Taboo Fetish Author: tappinit, Source: xHamster
  4. The Pleasure Ledger Pt. 01

    3/19/2023: This story starts out rather slow, so take your time if and when you start reading. There's definitely more to come. The events are based on actual memories and experiences, but all names and places are fictitious. This isn't my first erotic story, but my first one written in English, for a broader audience. That's not my native language, so please be gentle when it comes to linguistic read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: byPeeterSilver, Source: Literotica
  5. How I got into Selena Gomez and started lusting af

    3/18/2023: I always liked Selena Gomez, she was in a little part of my c***dhood and early teenage years, I used to listen to her music at home and at school with my friends, we were all straight dudes listening to Selena Gomez haha she has had amazing music since her teenage years. At that time I was not a fan of her, I just liked some of her songs, but I didn't have her in my thoughts a single second of my life, only when I was listening to her. She was always pretty for me though, I remember telling my mom that she was pretty when I was a k**. When I was a teenager I started masturbating to porn as read Sex Story
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  6. Midwest Mom Goes to Prison Pt. 01

    3/17/2023: Chrissy was a fairly typical Mom from the Midwestern U.S. She was married to Derek, her husband of 10 years. They had three daughters together. She still carried a little weight from her babies, but her husband still loved her body. She was 5' 2" and 175 pounds, but some of that weight was in her 38C breasts and her plump ass. With dark brown hair and blue eyes, she was still a curvy beauty even read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: byDaveR8583, Source: Literotica
  7. First Time for a Shy Sister

    3/17/2023: [This is a continuation of the Mrs. Tupa stories. These stories are absolutely not for everyone, so please look elsewhere if you do not enjoy reading about bodily fluids and matter, oral-anal contact, strong smells, prurient priests and nuns, and elderly widows. I humbly request that you do not down-vote this story, just because you may have issues with it. This could have also been placed in the read Sex Story
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  8. My Date With Granny

    3/17/2023: Due to recent breakins my grandmother asked me to spend the weekend with her. I had no problem with this since I would be home alone anyway. I packed up my bag and left out. During the drive over there I decided to stop and freshen up. I always had a thing for my huge granny and I love to impress her. I pulled into the driveway and saw that huge ass bent over pulling weeds in the Garden. I got out read Sex Story
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  9. Chapter 3 - The Public Ordeals of Tasnova

    3/15/2023: The day after the bathroom Incident was a holiday, so I decided not to get Tasnova involved for the day. Making it too frequesnt might break her too soon, and I wanted to have more fun with her, give her some hope before taking it away. I let her rest the day after that as well and told Prianka to play along, pretending that I'm also blackmailing her too. Prianka reported back that she did exactly that and that she made sure to tell Tasnova that if she tried to fight back, I'd destroy her life. She reported that the bitch ended read Sex Story
    Categories: Celebrities, Humor, Fetish Author: Jhonson5, Source: xHamster
  10. NYE Surprise

    3/15/2023: My wife decided instead of going out for New Years this year, she'd rather have just a few friends over and have a low-key night. I couldn't argue because I didn't want to fight the crowds anyways.So she took care of the invite list and kept it to about e read Sex Story
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