1. Brandon's Boots Ch. 06

    7/31/2018: When you work in a school long enough, or just around kids in general, you learn a lot about bullies. Most people think they understand bullies. They think all bullies come from abusive homes, are cowards, and will immediately back down when you stand up to them. A lot of times, those things are true. But as I've said previously, some bullies act that way, not out of rage at their home life, or read Sex Story
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  2. A married man who needs a blowjob

    7/30/2018: Ok so to begin with I’ll describe myself. I’m 27 years old, 6ft tall. I have dark black hair which is completely shaved to stubble, well groomed short stubbled beard, my cock is cut 9" and I love giving head. I'm a top and I’m very ripped as I’m a PT, I train everyday and I compete in judo tournaments. Now that you get the gist on what I am like, I can share a story on what happened to me the read Sex Story
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  3. Surprise for My Straight Buddy

    7/30/2018: It was Saturday afternoon, Jim sends his straight Puerto Rican friend Gabe a text saying he has a surprise for him and gives him an address and room number to a hotel. Gabe asks what the surprise is. Jim tells him he has to show up if he wants to find out. A couple hours later, Jim gets a knock on the hotel room door. He opens the door and sees Gabe standing there with a big grin on his read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: byJimMac127, Source: Literotica
  4. The Best Of Friends

    7/30/2018: Chance and I had almost always been friends. We had known each other for many years, meeting in school. In the beginning, we didn't care much for each other and were quite antagonistic. From little things, like stealing each other's things, to full on fist fights. Luckily, our short but intense rivalry did not last. I'm not sure what prompted it but eventually things just seemed to click and read Sex Story
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  5. Meeting At The Supermarket

    7/30/2018: "Oh, that's just Ralph. Old Mrs. Harrington's queer drag queen son." I know that's how I'm known in town. After Mum died I inherited her modest frame cottage in a small Southern Ontario town. I sent all her decent clothes to the Sally Ann (Salvation Army) and everything else, including most of the furniture to the dump. I did keep her jewelry and her mink of course. Daddy was so proud when read Sex Story
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  6. Prison Island Ch. 13

    7/30/2018: Prison Island 13. Francesco didn't wait to be told to move out. By sundown, he was already in Mouse's improvised hut, waiting for the redhead. Eventually, Karl had tired himself out, shouted himself out, and promised Leon he would be on his best behavior only to be released. That didn't mean that Francesco felt at ease or anything. He could tell Leon wasn't buying Karl's promises, either, as read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: bydaemondhart, Source: Literotica
  7. Black in Me Pt. 15 - The Health Club

    7/30/2018: The next few chapters all take place with a man I met at a health club. While not a gay club, it did have a place and time where men heavily cruised each other. The month-long search for a decent, affordable health club finally ended when I found one where there was a good mix of ages and races. I was particularly pleased with the fact that it was a clean facility, with a steam room, sauna, read Sex Story
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