1. My Daydreams

    2/3/2023: Tasted your silken skin Pressed against your heart Held, warm and sheltered. Tones confessed your desires. Acts filled with need Husky and drenched lust. Lips, swollen and soft A warmth testified passion The depth of yearning. Eyes sparkled with lib read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: SoloSensualist, Source: LushStories
  2. Ode to the Breast

    2/1/2023: Breasts are so wonderfully beautiful That’s soft and firm to the touchOnce pressed against a chestWith nipples hard and perkyBut can never see no wrongAnd age like a vintage champagne. Breasts are perfect as can beLike a pair of mini globesThat come in al read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: farmerroger, Source: LushStories
  3. Flowers of Passion

    1/31/2023: The first was a rose fleshy and richFragrant aroma seducing my heartVoluptuous petals enfolding my bodyPulling me ever further into its embraceSharp thorns clawing at the fabric of my soul The petals faded the thorns remainedEnsnared entrapped I fought my read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: ChrisM, Source: LushStories
  4. Magic Of a Kiss

    1/31/2023: There are so many magical thingsin this blue marble we live uponbut nothing more magical than a kiss.A kiss brings so many emotionslike a simple caress goodnightat the end of a happy date.A kiss can turn foes into friends,celebrate the entrance of new lif read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: AAnna, Source: LushStories
  5. She is a Feast

    1/30/2023: She carried with her oceans of goodness, A sea of milk churned for my pleasure. Her ambrosia from deep within, forged by my hunger. Her bed was my table. And she would feed me both fine dining, and fast food. As she opened her legs and I peeled her fru read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: Fluttered, Source: LushStories
  6. Lust

    1/28/2023: Feeding my hungry mind of youFeeling the need for release Caressing my own hot skinSweat melting the icebergPalm slowly goes down My neck, beyond to the valleyBetween my breasts, fingersSqueezing them a little hardMoaning as my other handTravels down acro read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: RuNe, Source: LushStories
  7. On Vacation

    1/27/2023: When I'm on vacation I really love to jerk which beats sitting down or standing up at work. I take off all my clothes and lay down on my bed spreading baby oil over my cock head. Stroking up and down a banana in my ass pushing in and out smooth and sl read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: StraponSlave69, Source: LushStories
  8. The Rhythm of Sex

    1/26/2023: "Myfanwy... Myfanwy... Am I yours. Am I yours.""Yes, yes, yes you are -"Oh! those words of reassurance, those words of need, those words of love.The smile, the sigh, the open mouth, the lustful scent that drifts on the rising air.The hand of hers, that sl read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: DarkSide, Source: LushStories
  9. But, Sometimes

    1/25/2023: Sometimes you reach out and touch my lips with your fingertipsAnd I know what you wantYou want it soft and gentleAnd caringThe loving you can always get from meTaking all the time in the worldTo slowly take off the impediments of lifeThe things that get i read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: Green_Man, Source: LushStories
  10. Flaming Angels Of Spring

    1/25/2023: Flaming angels of spring weave a pastoral tapestryO’er the sleepless, meadowed minds,Entreating the burning softness of summer;Freedom, resurrected in its breath,When warmly winds lick the searching facesInhaled ‘neath the rapture of its tongue. Passion s read Sex Story
    Categories: Poems Author: DavidChirko7, Source: LushStories