1. The Prisoner Wore Panties - Chapter Three

    10/15/2018: Chapter Three – Oberst Kurt Wessel “For god's sake will you two at least pretend that you like each other,” Benny was exasperated. Danielle and Steven both had their roles down pat and had mastered all of the scenes, especially the scenes where they argu read Sex Story
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  2. Rena Raye Rowe 01

    10/13/2018: It's quite difficult to say "no" when companies come around asking for sponsorship pledges and support for the upcoming Race for Health event in Middleton in a few weeks. Especially when all of Middleton knows I won some cash in the lottery a little back. However, I thought the local Florist shop made it easy for me when all they asked for was one week or so in the barn behind my house to jazz up read Sex Story
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  3. Sissy Sex Dungeon Pt. 04

    10/12/2018: Never before have I woken up as both equally exhausted and rested as I did that morning. My entire body ached from the abuse it had endured yesterday, but at the same time being able to get a full nights rest felt amazing. Looking around, I found that I was alone in this basement dungeon for the moment, and breathed a sigh of relief. I must have passed out from exhaustion as I I was completely read Sex Story
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  4. Meeting Kay

    10/12/2018: Kay and I had been chatting for some time. We met online and soon found our interests matched well with one another's. It took some clever scheduling but eventually we found a time and place where we would finally be able to meet. The day arrived at last. I was nervous about meeting her but I knew that she was probably just as nervous about meeting me. I made myself a stiff drink and hopped in read Sex Story
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  5. The Injustice of the World

    10/11/2018: “There they go,“ I muttered to no one in particular, “baggy fucking t-shirts, formless trackies and bloody horrible dirty trainers. It’s disgusting.” I could almost cry. The school run and its procession of drab figures slouch pass my ground floor window read Sex Story
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  6. The Night That Would Never End Pt. 06

    10/11/2018: Warning: this series depicts rough and degrading sex with some offensive language. If that's not your thing, then please move along. As my car rolled to a stop on the dark highway shoulder, I began to panic. "No no no, this can't be happening," I said out loud as I tried to start the dead car. It coughed and puttered and went silent. "Fuck me! What the hell am I going to do now?" Goose read Sex Story
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  7. The Trucker's Load

    10/11/2018: Walking along the road on a cold winter night in Wisconsin, cars passed by honking their horns. Shivering cold, I didn’t know how much longer I could go. I didn’t know where I was going, didn’t really have a place to go. I just knew I couldn’t stay there any longer. I had no money, no phone, just the clothes on my back. My hands and feet were beginning to feel numb as I trekked through the snow read Sex Story
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  8. A Night with Vaniity and Ava Devine

    10/10/2018: Everyone remembers the moment they first saw a girl with a cock. For me it was after stumbling across an old episode of Real Sex. Real Sex if you don't recall was a late night magazine show about sex. Fetishes, swingers, art, literature, just about anything to do with carnal knowledge. This was a relatively tame episode for the main part but it finished with a segment that flipped my head upside read Sex Story
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  9. Mikes First Transgendered Pt. 21

    10/9/2018: Mike's On-going gay experiences. Part 21 Please read parts 1 -- 20, before getting to this. Our second night with Walter. A few weeks after our night together, Walter calls David and tells him he needs a night out. Both David and I are off Saturday night, so we all decide to go to the gay bars downtown. Walter arrives at our place just as I am finishing getting ready. Tonight, I am read Sex Story
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  10. Giant Steps Ch. 04

    10/8/2018: Chapter 4 - A personal twist Authors Note: I probably shouldn't share such personal information here but here I go. Between writing the last part and writing this part, I realized that I myself am trans. I also realized I had been writing Sam and Jane as sort of outlets to explore my own feelings of transness that I could acknowledge for the characters but couldn't in myself. In that way, read Sex Story
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